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Chaska Classic Rules

2018 Chaska Classic

Tournament Rules

(10 A, 10 AA, 10 AAA – 11 A, 11 AA, 11 AAA)

This tournament is an MBT State Qualifier for all age divisions.
This tournament is an MYAS State Qualifier for 10A, 10AA, 10AAA, 11A, 11AAA divisions.

The National Federation of High School Associations rule book will govern play with the following exceptions:


REFUNDS: Refunds will be given ONLY if written cancellation is received before March 30, 2018 AND a replacement team is found. All entry fees will be nonrefundable after March 30, 2018. If poor weather results in games being cancelled on Friday or Saturday, tournament officials reserve the right to revise a shortened format for the remainder of the tournament.


**Rain Out Policy: A complete game, for the sole purpose of determining rain out refunds, is defined as 3 full innings.

  • O innings played in tournament – 100% reimbursement of entry fee.
  • 1 game played – 50% reimbursement of entry fee.

1)     Game Length:  6 innings (games are official after 4 innings).  In pool play, games will be played until the time limit per rule #2 and then ties will stand.  Championship games will be played until a winner is determined.

2)     No new innings after 1hr and 40 minutes in pool play only.  (Umpires will keep time)

3)     10 run rule after 4-1/2 innings (home teams), 5 innings (visiting teams) for all tournament games.

4)     Teams must start the game with 9 players.  If due to injury or illness, a team may finish a game with 8 players.  A team reduced to less than 9 players due to an ejection shall be disqualified and forfeit the game.

5)     Home teams shall keep the official score book & tournament sheet.

        Pool Play: Home team designation for teams will be determined by a flip of the coin.
        Bracket Play: Team with the better seed as determined by record and tie breakers will be the home team.

Winning team must turn in the tournament score sheet to the designated tournament official (Game Score Runner).

6)     BASEBALLS - Each team will supply one new baseball for each game.

7)     At 10’s & 11’s on a dropped third strike, the batter is out.  Runners may advance at their own risk.

8)     In the 10 & 11 year old divisions no balks can be called, but a fake pitch will result in a dead ball with all runners advancing one base.

9)     Pitching:  Each pitcher may pitch only 3 innings per game and no more than 9 innings during the tournament.  A pitcher may leave the game and re-enter again as the pitcher.   An appearance as pitcher - even if only one pitch is thrown - counts as an inning pitched. Two coach’s trips to the mound are allowed PER PITCHER, PER GAME. On the SECOND trip the pitcher must be removed from the pitcher position for the game.  After each game a card will be collected to track all pitchers and will be posted by tournament brackets.

VIOLATION of innings pitched restrictions will result in the Head Coach being ejected for the remainder of  the tournament  The team will forfeit the game of infraction.  The pitcher in violation of the rule will be ejected for the game of infraction and is prohibited from pitching the balance of the tournament.  Coaches are responsible for verifying innings pitched with the umpire and opposing coaches after each game.  Tournament Director will keep a running total throughout the tournament.  This rule complies with MBT Tournament Rules and Regulations.

10)   Batting:  We will use a continuous batting order.  All players must stay in the same batting position through the game. Players arriving late must be added to the bottom of the batting order. No player may be added to the batting order or the field once their team has hit through the order once.

11)  Leading off: 

  • 11’s:  The runner may lead off after the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand
  • 10’s:  The runner may lead off after the ball crosses the plate. 
  • Runners leaving the base early are out (no warning), the pitch is a no pitch and the ball is dead.
  • Stealing Home – stealing home is allowed at all ages and levels.

12)   Slide Rule:  The base runner must slide or attempt to avoid body contact when a tag is being attempted.  This rule’s intent is to avoid collisions and possible injuries.  Violation results in the player being called out (No Warning).  Note:  A fielder may not block a base or home plate without the ball.  If the base or plate are blocked without the ball, the runner is safe

13)   Overthrows that go out of play:  When pitched, you get one base only.  When fielding a ball in the outfield, you get two bases from the time the ball leaves the fielders hand.  When fielding a ball in the infield, you get two bases from the start of play. 

14)   The fielder always has the right of way when fielding the ball - whether he is in the base path or not.

15)   A player will be automatically ejected from the game for flagrantly throwing his bat or helmet or for displaying poor sportsmanship.

16)   The infield fly rule is in effect.

17)   Breaking balls are not allowed at 10’s, 11’s

-First offense - dead ball

-Second offense - dead ball and the pitch called a ball.

-Third violation - offending pitcher not allowed to pitch for balance of the game.

18)   Smoking and drinking alcohol is not allowed by umpires, coaches or score-keepers.

19)   All umpire’s decisions are final.  No protests will be allowed.                                           

20)   Pool winners & wild cards will be determined by total points:

                3 points - win

                1 point - tie

                0 points - loss

21)   Tie Breakers (Following MBT Standards):

                1. Points

2. Head to Head

                3. Least number of runs allowed against tied teams

                4. Run differential against tied teams (maximum plus or minus 10 runs)

                5. Least number of runs allowed in total pool play

                6. Run differential in total pool play (maximum plus or minus 10 runs)

                7. Coin flip

22)   Individual awards will be presented to first, second & third place team players.

23)   No batting practice or infield on game fields.

24)   No soft toss against any fences.

25)  Bat restrictions:  9U-14U: All bats must have the new USA stamp (unless using a -3 BBCOR bat). 15’s can use a BBCOR bat or wood bat. You can find the approved bat list from USA Baseball at   

9-U, 10-U, 11-U,
12-U, 13-U

Bats must be 2 1/4" with unlimited weight differential or bats 2 5/8" and have a -11 differential or less (i.e. 31” – 20.0 oz.)


26)  Molded cleats or tennis shoes. No metal spikes allowed.

27)   Batting cage use is on a first come first serve basis. Maximum time limit per team is 20 minutes.

28)   In case of rain, the Tournament Director at his discretion may change the format of the tournament.

29)   The Chaska Baseball Association does not carry insurance on tournament participants or spectators. It is the responsibility of the individual teams to provide their own insurance.

30)   Proof of age will be required at check in.   Acceptable proof is a copy of a public record of  birth (Issued by State, County, or City). Violation of this rule results in forfeiture of game(s) played.

31)   A courtesy runner will be allowed for the current catcher anytime. This means the catcher must be the catcher of record before and after the at bat. The courtesy runner will be the last player that made an out. The player that is run for must catch the next inning.

32)   Coaches and spectators will be ejected from the game site due to foul language or disrespect directed to any umpire, opposing coach, spectator or player. 

33)   All rules interpretation will be made by the umpire and only by the Tournament Director if necessary.